Kadalu Storage is an opinionated GlusterFS distribution

Kadalu Storage is a collection of Open Source projects to make GlusterFS more accessible, user friendly and Scalable.

Our mission is to provide a stable File system with Modern ways to manage and monitor.

Kubernetes native Storage

Provision storage in less time than it takes to brew coffee

Kadalu helps you configure persistent storage in 2 easy steps.

So you can focus on managing and scaling your applications within the Kubernetes framework.

Easy to Use - Easy to install on an already running Kubernetes cluster using Kadalu Operator.
Open Source - Kadalu is licenced under Apache 2.0 license.
Secure and Scalable - Natively integrated with Kubernetes for secured access to Storage servers.
Powered by GlusterFS - Kadalu is powered by time tested industry-proven GlusterFS.
Works with all Kubernetes - Kadalu works with upstream Kubernetes, Openshift and many others.
Effective Monitoring - Kadalu comes with built-in health, utilization and performance metrics measures. Easy to integrate into observability patterns.

$ kubectl kadalu install
$ kubectl kadalu storage-add storage-pool-1 \
    --device kube-node1.example.com:/dev/vdc

Kadalu Storage

An Opinionated GlusterFS distribution

Multi-Cluster Support - Manage multiple clusters in one place.
Externally hosted Control plane - Modern solution for managing Volumes and Clusters.
ReST APIs - Automate Kadalu Storage deployments easily by using the ReST APIs
Web/Mobile UI with multi-user support - Web/Mobile UI allows managing Kadalu Storage clusters on the go.
Long term support - Stop worrying about upgrading your storage nodes too often, get stable Kadalu Storage with 3 years of support
NFS integration - Natively integrated with NFS-Ganesha to provide config-free NFS setup easily

Kadalu Storage will be generally available soon. Contact us for a demo or to get early access.

GlusterFS Monitoring

Monitor your GlusterFS clusters using the Simplest monitoring tool.

Easy to configure - Login to the dashboard and configure GlusterFS monitoring easily with a few steps.
Multi-Cluster support - Monitor multiple clusters easily in a single place.
Instant alerts - Get alerts by email/Slack message instantly for the configured events
Specially designed for GlusterFS - No need to spend time configuring monitoring tool for GlusterFS.
Detailed Reports - Get detailed reports every week by email.

Hosted GlusterFS monitoring solution will be launched soon. Contact us for a demo or to get early access.


Feature development - We can design, prototype and implement GlusterFS/Kadalu Storage tools, applications and features for your Company.
Migration to Kadalu Storage - Kadalu Storage is based on GlusterFS with added goodies. We can help to migrate to Kadalu Storage without or with minimal data movement.
Training - We provide GlusterFS/Kadalu Storage training for admins/developers
Consultancy - We provide GlusterFS/Kadalu Storage consultancy
Upgrade assistance - We provide GlusterFS/Kadalu Storage upgrade assistance

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