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Kadalu Storage - Quick Start


Install the latest GlusterFS packages and then download and install Kadalu Storage Manager by running the following command

$ curl -fsSL | sudo bash -x

Test to ensure the version you installed is up-to-date

$ kadalu --version


Run Storage manager in any one Storage node or a dedicated node.

# systemctl enable kadalu-mgr
# systemctl start kadalu-mgr

Create a User and Login

# kadalu user create admin
User admin created successfully

Login using,

# kadalu user login admin
Login successful. Details saved in `/root/.kadalu/session`. Delete this file or run `kadalu logout` command to delete the session.

Create Pool and add Storage nodes

Create a Pool and add the Storage manager node to the Pool. Storage manager node is not part of any Pool since it supports multiple Pools.

# kadalu pool create DEV
Pool created successfully.
ID: 4e67989e-0c24-44ac-b0a7-81aa5cb4ec6b
# kadalu node add DEV/
Node added to DEV successfully
ID: 3befd57b-1d31-4664-94e9-f87bf7ce90f9

Create a Kadalu Storage Volume

Now create a directory to use it as Storage unit and then create a Kadalu Storage Volume.

# mkdir /exports/vol1
# kadalu volume create DEV/vol1
Volume vol1 created successfully
ID: 02b6a3a4-e704-47ee-bb05-e541a561a921

Mount a Volume

# mkdir /mnt/vol1
# mount -t kadalu /mnt/vol1
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