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Container based Development setup - Single Storage Node

Build the Dev container

$ cd tests
$ ./build-container.sh

Now start a Development container that uses the current directory as /src in container.

$ ./extra/dev-container.sh

Now login to dev container by running,

$ docker exec -it kadalu-dev /bin/bash

Build the project and start the kadalu mgr

root@kadalu-dev:/src# cd /src/mgr
root@kadalu-dev:/src# shards build
root@kadalu-dev:/src# ./bin/kadalu mgr

Open another terminal(or screen window) and run the commands.

Create a Admin user

root@kadalu-dev:/src# ./mgr/bin/kadalu user create admin
User admin created successfully

Login using,

# kadalu user login admin
Login successful. Details saved in `/root/.kadalu/session`. Delete this file or run `kadalu logout` command to delete the session.

Now create a Pool

root@kadalu-dev:/src# /src/mgr/bin/kadalu pool create DEV
Pool DEV created successfully
ID: 487bb25b-d92d-46f2-a326-d1272d44f206

Add the current node to the Pool

root@kadalu-dev:/src# /src/mgr/bin/kadalu node add DEV/kadalu-dev
Node kadalu-dev added to DEV successfully
ID: 322b9883-9d00-4b30-b084-953306f0d431

Modify the source in your host machine and then rebuild the project by running shards build again. Restart kadalu mgr to load the new changes after build.

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