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Kadalu Storage requires GlusterFS binaries. Refer your local distribution guide on installing latest GlusterFS packages.


One step install

Download and install Kadalu Storage Manager by running the following command

$ curl -fsSL | sudo bash -x

Test to ensure the version you installed is up-to-date

$ kadalu --version

Manual install (Step by Step)

Download the Kadalu Storage Manager

$ curl -fsSL`uname -m | sed 's|aarch64|arm64|' | sed 's|x86_64|amd64|'` -o /tmp/kadalu
$ sudo install /tmp/kadalu /usr/sbin/kadalu

Download the Systemd service file

$ curl -fsSL -o /tmp/kadalu-mgr.service
$ sudo install -m 700 /tmp/kadalu-mgr.service /lib/systemd/system/

Download the Mount script

$ curl -fsSL -o /tmp/mount.kadalu
$ sudo install /tmp/mount.kadalu /sbin/mount.kadalu
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