Kubernetes native Storage

Provision storage in less time than it takes to brew coffee

Kadalu helps you configure persistent storage in 2 easy steps.

So you can focus on managing and scaling your applications within the Kubernetes framework.

Easy to Use - Easy to install on an already running Kubernetes cluster using Kadalu Operator.
Open Source - Kadalu is licenced under Apache 2.0 license.
Secure and Scalable - Natively integrated with Kubernetes for secured access to Storage servers.
Powered by GlusterFS - Kadalu is powered by time tested industry-proven GlusterFS.
Works with all Kubernetes - Kadalu works with upstream Kubernetes, Openshift and many others.
Effective Monitoring - Kadalu comes with built-in health, utilization and performance metrics measures. Easy to integrate into observability patterns.

$ kubectl kadalu install
$ kubectl kadalu storage-add storage-pool-1 \

Kadalu Storage

An Opinionated GlusterFS distribution

Multi-Cluster Support - Manage multiple clusters in one place.
Externally hosted Control plane - Modern solution for managing Volumes and Clusters.
ReST APIs - Automate Kadalu Storage deployments easily by using the ReST APIs
Web/Mobile UI with multi-user support - Web/Mobile UI allows managing Kadalu Storage clusters on the go.
Long term support - Stop worrying about upgrading your storage nodes too often, get stable Kadalu Storage with 3 years of support
NFS integration - Natively integrated with NFS-Ganesha to provide config-free NFS setup easily

Kadalu Storage will be generally available soon. Contact us for a demo or to get early access.

GlusterFS Monitoring

Monitor your GlusterFS clusters using the Simplest monitoring tool.

Easy to configure - Login to the dashboard and configure GlusterFS monitoring easily with a few steps.
Multi-Cluster support - Monitor multiple clusters easily in a single place.
Instant alerts - Get alerts by email/Slack message instantly for the configured events
Specially designed for GlusterFS - No need to spend time configuring monitoring tool for GlusterFS.
Detailed Reports - Get detailed reports every week by email.

Hosted GlusterFS monitoring solution will be launched soon. Contact us for a demo or to get early access.

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